During the last couple of years
of COVID-19 seclusion and after the persistent urge from my students, the ideal opportunity finally arose to focus on filming a series of Tutorials dedicated to the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice.

Seven Tutorials in total + a full Led Primary Series with Sanskrit Counting, aiming to break down the whole Primary Series, Step by Step, from beginning to end, for all levels of practitioners, from total beginners to more experienced ones. 

Through these 7 tutorials you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the practice on your own space and time, as you feel more comfortable..

We start with the Breath, the Ujjayi breath, the victorious deep breathing with sound. Breathing is the number one ingredient of Life itself and the vital force of the practice respectively.. 

After breath comes the movement.

We commence our physical exploration by breaking down Sun Salutations A+B, which are considered the foundations of the practice, the principles of which repeat themselves all the way through in a circular ever lasting motion..

We built up the movements step by step, slowly introducing the twists and re-aligning our body in space in pure geometrical forms, which are preliminary for the energy to awaken…

All movements come with variations to accommodate different body conditions and inherited difficulties.

As we work through the standing and sitting positions, unlocking the joints on the legs, together with the lower back and shoulders, we slowly reach toward the peak of the practice which is no other than Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana, ‘The Turtle”, a very sophisticated position where every part of the body has to assist the movement to its maximum degree.

After Kurmasana, its time for the sun to rise again, the body to open up and relax, the energy to start subsiding, the heart beat to come back to normal, preparing the practitioner for the completion of the practice, the closing of the circle, the magical primary series, the home, the centre, the base, the grounding, the foundation where our whole life story is going to rest upon..

Hope you enjoy this journey alongside me step by step,
and stay connected in case you need any further assistance..

Melina Vlachou - Authorised teacher level 1 by Sharath Jois
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