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Mysore Self Practice is the traditional way in which the Ashtanga practice is taught from teacher to student, in an unbroken lineage from Sri T. Krishnamacharya to now. In a Mysore class every student works to his/her own time & space, according to his/her experience & understanding of the practice. The teacher is constantly & quietly present to assist, inspire, adjust and create the proper environment for the practitioner to connect to the breath, deepen within & encounter space to bloom.. When a student is introduced to the practice, this happens gradually according to one’s own capacity & body condition. A Mysore room is an organic space full of movement & sound full breath, where everyone is moving in different pace, yet remaining so beautifully and peacefully connected. Feel welcome to join the journey!



*Entry time for each practitioner is scheduled & communicated in advance, according to the daily participation demand

**Schedule is subject to change, while the Shala will remain closed during public holidays

***Pre-booking of your practice space is necessary upon request (mail +phone what’s up)

****Pls contact us in case you wish to practice with us (mail +phone what’s up)

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