My name is Melina I come from Athens-Greece and this is my story..

Born in August 1976, after graduating school I moved to Spain where I completed my studies in Spanish language at the University Complutense of Madrid.During 1995-1998 I settled in London, where I completed my BA in Archaeology at UCL.

Alternative since early youth, those were the years I traveled the most around the world, in search of inspiration & adventure stories, seeking to create an imprint of my own personal growth..

In 1999, at the age of 23 I became a Type1 Diabetic, insulin dependent.

That was the point in my life when everything turned upside-down and redefined the direction of my life journey.
The same year I got a one-way ticket to India where I stayed for nearly 2 years in search of alternative therapies to treat my condition.

I first came in contact with Yoga & Vipassana meditation in January of 2000 in Varanasi-Benares, and right away I knew that was exactly what I was looking for in my life, that was my path, that was my fate, that was my karma..

In 2001, after returning from India, I entered the University of Athens and studied Physiotherapy, as an inner call to understand deeper the physiology of the movement as created by the human body & mind..

Ashtanga Yoga knocked my door in 2003 and felt like a thunderbolt that hit me straight in the heart!
I practice on a regular basis since day1 and teach this practice since 2009.

Ashtanga Yoga has been and still is my most intimate life companion, has helped me create a daily physical, psychosomatic routine and has kept my eyes, my internal organs and my metabolism in a great shape ever since.

Teaching Ashtanga Yoga through the years & watching my students & co-practitioners transform in multiple dimensions as the ujjayi breath leads their way, that alone is the most profound verification of how fortunate we are to have encountered this practice during our lifespan, keeping us centred & balanced regardless the crazy, mad world we all live in..

Since 2003, I have had the luck to study alongside very highly educated, long practiced and deeply experienced Ashtanga Yoga teachers from the lineage of Shri K.Pattabhi Jois, the list of which is very long, and the wisdom shared with me extremely valuable and worked upon..

In 2016 I was blessed to teach this practice by my beloved teacher Sharath Jois in Mysore-India, and this is exactly what I keep on doing, every single day ever since..

Yoga is my Temple and Diabetes is my Mentor.
My name is Melina and I feel blessed to be who I am..


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